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17 Mar

Size Matters: Finding the perfect sized piece for your walls

So, you’ve found the perfect canvas print. The colors, the theme, everything about it is perfect for the bare wall you’ve been looking to cover. You’re just a few clicks […]

Nervin Pepen
19 Feb

Artlicity Artist Spotlight for February 2020: Nervin Pepen

Nervin Pepen has a unique style that is easily recognizable. He almost does not even need to sign his paintings as his artwork speaks for itself! The two paintings that […]

Puerto Rico
23 Jan

Catastrophe strikes in Puerto Rico. What can you do to help?

  On December 28th, 2019, The tropical island of Puerto Rico was shaken down to its foundation. Barely two years since experiencing devastation at the hands of Hurricane Maria, this […]

Lifestyle Artwork
31 Dec

Artlicity: Connecting the World Through Caribbean Artwork

When you were a child you would see on TV and read about other countries around the world. Wasn’t it tough to imagine other landscapes or ways of life other […]

Juan José Sánchez
16 Dec

Juan Jose Sanchez – An expressionist and environmentalist

One of our most popular artists is Juan Jose Sanchez. He has a unique and recognizable style that is very aesthetically pleasing. Sanchez’s artwork can brighten any room and truly […]

14 Nov

Erick Medina

Erick was born in 1982 in San Cristobal, Mexico. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts. Erick specializes in hyper-realism. Erick’s works are SO realistic that many people […]

04 Oct

José Javier Contreras

Born in August 1994, José Javier Contreras showed an interest in art from a very young age. His formal training began at 10 years old, and 14 years later his […]

13 Sep

Help the Bahamas NOW!

At the beginning of September, Hurricane Dorian passed over the Bahamas, causing untold amounts of devastation and forever altering the lives of the people of this tropical paradise. As the […]